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If your child is of that age to get behind the wheel, take them to Dave Coyne's Driving School. I have been a licensed driving instructor since 1999. In 2004, I decided to open Dave Coyne’s Driving School. My decision to start my own school was based on several things. I thoroughly enjoy working with the public and, in particular, high school students. They represent 95 percent of my business. The startling statistics of teenage accidents, tickets, and unfortunate deaths also gave me the incentive to start my own school.

By offering quality instruction, both in the classroom and behind the wheel, I feel I can make a difference in many young peoples’ lives. It’s my personal promise to you that our students will receive the training they need to become good, conscientious drivers and have a positive experience as well.

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My wife and our four children have lived in El Dorado County since 1988. We have been involved in many community activities including baseball, soccer, and basketball. Our involvement has been in youth activities all the way through high school. For years, we have done volunteer work for various organizations including our local schools.

Contact Dave Coyne's Driving School today at 530-677-7608 to register, or browse our website for more information about our products and services.

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